Joel Kowit
[Above: "Inhibition" (HIV Protease with Merck's inhibitor, Indinavir)]

List of Works:
 "Inhibition" (HIV Protease with Merck inhibitor, Indinavir)

"Recognition" (Major Histocompatibility Protein class I with peptide from HTLV virus)

"Excitation" (Green Fluorescent Protein with bioluminescent jellyfish, Aquorea victoria)

"Migration" (Leukocyte Extravasation)

"Exchange" (Meiosis - Chiasmata)

"Vibration" (Organ of Corti - the inner ear)

"Degradation" (26S Proteasome)

"Replication" (Anaphase of Mitosis)

"Vision" (Retina)

"Motion" (Flagellar Axoneme "9+2")

"Tolerance" (Class II Major Histocompatibility Protein with Peptide from Human Myelin Basic Protein)

"Loss" (Beta-Amyloid Fibril, Osaka Mutation Associated with Early Onset Alzheimer's)

"Contract" (Muscle Sarcomere)

"Passage" (Potassium Channel Selectivity Filter)
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